Now $50,000 may not be a life-changing amount of cash playing at Malaysia’s 918 Kiss Android Casino, but an amount is a number that we would not turn our noses up at. The most impressive reason this jackpot sticks out above the million-dollar jackpots that are so often reported on slots such as Mega Moolah and Major Millions is the fact that this slot player when interviewed said it happened after he began using a slots strategy.

Slots are purely games of luck and are controlled by Random Number Generators are known as RNGs that guarantee every spin is random. The RNGs are tested regularly by third-party companies that are experts at breaking down algorithms, which is effectively what an RNG is. These RNGs then come under licensing hood of government authorities such as the New Jersey and State of Nevada licensing authority for remote/online gambling.

With this in mind, and with many online slots players having this knowledge already, it seems almost pointless applying a slots strategy to online slots play. Nonetheless, the lucky winning of the 5-figure windfall playing Cleopatra online slot has said that the surprise jackpot win came just 3 months after reading a slots strategy book he bought online.

I never believed the title of the book, but I was still intrigued at what a slots strategy actually is as I love playing online slots” were the words the winning slots player announced when asked by the casino PR team whether he had any tips or advice for other slots players at the casino.

He went to explain that the title of the book was “Profitable Slot Systems and Strategies”.

As this player is part of our own website our news team set out to contact this lucky winner to ask what this super system was. He did not have much time but gave us a quick list as pointers so we can share the strategy he used with our reader base It turns out that the strategy he used is quite basic to apply and makes a lot of sense.

  1. Only play slots with a high Return to Player (RTP)
  2. Do not play land-based slots because the RTP is very low
  3. Use casino bonus codes on a regular basis to increase your spins
  4. Calculate the correct bet sizing according to your daily/monthly budget
  5. Do not crash and burn by betting too much per spin
  6. Only play progressive slots when the jackpot has not paid for a while
  7. Do not spend more than 10 to 20 spins on a slot that is not paying (Swap)

Probably one of the most interesting strategies here is bet sizing. Make sure you do not bet too high or you will run through your bankroll too quickly. The inevitable result is no more money left to bet. If you are not playing, then you not winning!